Shane Reetz


Hi there. I make things like videos, photos, and code. During the day I work on robots for stop motion movies at LAIKA (nothing here represents that work). See a poetic documentary I made here. See some of my personal project log below.

As a creative person with a degree in Computer Science, I’m a swiss-army knife for creative problem solving. I’m equally passionate about my work as an artist and as a technical person, and love learning new things every day.

Contact me here. Check out the work of my lovely wife and illustrator Bree Reetz.



New photo work up at


Fluorescent 9

A new study in after-hours and accidentally beautiful industrial lighting.

Generative Design

025-01This was one of my favorite generative design works I made at my last job  – it was intended for the background of a talk show set. Made with Processing.


I started a series of web tutorials on video production. The idea is to catalogue small but helpful things I’ve learned that make life easier on set or in the field. It’s often the little things (labeling, organization) that save you lots time and frustration. I’ll be adding more videos to this playlist in the coming week.

Riverview Family Dental


I recently did a 4-part commercial video series for Riverview Family Dental. Derek and the whole team were a fun bunch to work with, and I loved watching them interact with clients. When the videos go live on Riverview’s new website, I’ll embed them here  Videos available here.

Prairie Musicians 2016 preview

I produced, animated, shot (with Andy Garske) this teaser for our upcoming season of Prairie Musicians.

Code quilt

QuiltI sewed my first quilt recently, based on a design I made using custom Processing software. After experimenting with severalt rules to limit color and other parameters, I ran the software and saved several of my favorite designs. This one was my favorite, so I actually bought the fabric and made it over the course of a few weeks. To me, this project was a meditation on different ways to approach creative process. Using generative design allowed me to approach the design process by creating options and choosing from them, rather than starting from a blank page.

FFF 2016

Fargo Film FestivalMy favorite local event starts this week and I’m so excited to be involved. This year I have 2 films screening and will be a guest on a panel discussion. Here’s a rundown:

Ashley and Doug of Main Street

Monday March 14th

I’ll be on Prairie Public’s radio show Main Street talking about the creation of my film Bill Brunton: Guitar Maker which was an official selection to the Documentary Feature category. Duluth filmmaker Mike Scholtz will also be on the show talking about his film “Lost Conquest,” a “deconstructionist documentary about why we believe the things we believe.”

Bill Brunton: Guitar Maker

Thursday, March 17th

The documentary Bill Brunton: Guitar Maker which I produced, edited, and shot is an official selection and will screen this Thursday, March 18 at 11am on the main screen. It’s a poetic, endearing look at a guitar builder’s process and philosophy.


CLEMENTINE poster frame

Friday, March 18th

On Friday, I’ll be on a lunch panel talking entitled “Filmmaking in North Dakota & Minnesota: Roadblocks and Solutions.” That discussion starts at noon at Proof Artisan Distillers in Downtown Fargo.

Later that night, my film CLEMENTINE will screen at the 2 Minute Movie Contest.


One of my favorite things about living with Bree is seeing her illustrations come to life. Inspiration comes to her from many sources: fashion photography, floral arrangements, and color pallates in nature and I’m constantly in awe of her ability to combine all those inspirations into one beautiful illustration.

My vision for this video was for this to be a punchy, fast-paced look at her process for watercolor.  I rearranged our entire apartment and bought a new table from the antique store for a set. Everything was filmed in V-Log color space and 96fps which gave me more latitude for color and editing. My friend Cameron graciously provided a killer electronic music track which was a blast to edit with.