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Quilt Generator with Unity – part 1

Here’s a quick demo of my new generative design app for quilts. The app shows you the device camera view with a “flying geese” quilt pattern overlaid (made with a procedural mesh). When you active a triangle from the pattern, you can recolor the block by clicking on an area of the camera image. You […]

The LAIKA Crew

Here’s the latest crew photo / goofy selfie combo from our behind the scenes photographer at LAIKA. There’s a ridiculous amount of talent, grit, and humor in this bunch and I’m proud to work with all of them. took #LAIKA’s Official ‘FILM 5’ Crew photo today 📸 Here behind me are the awesome artists that will bring […]

Pan/tilt head controller with Unity

Recently I found a Telemetrics PT-LP at surplus for cheeeeaaap. Originally designed to move TV studio cameras with teleprompters, it’s powered by some hefty servos and has heavy baffling foam to maintain quiet operation. After making a power cable for it and writing a basic controller for it in Unity, I can drive now drive […]


I finally shot some 120 film with a Mamiya 645, and I fell in love with it. See more of my latest photo work at


A new study in after-hours and accidentally beautiful industrial lighting.

Generative Design

This was one of my favorite generative design works I made at my last job  – it was intended for the background of a talk show set. Made with Processing.


I started a series of web tutorials on video production. The idea is to catalogue small but helpful things I’ve learned that make life easier on set or in the field. It’s often the little things (labeling, organization) that save you lots time and frustration. I’ll be adding more videos to this playlist in the […]

Riverview Family Dental

I did a 4-part commercial video series for Riverview Family Dental. When the videos go live on Riverview’s new website, I’ll embed them here  Videos available here.

Prairie Musicians 2016 teaser

I produced, animated, and shot this teaser for the 2016 season of Prairie Musicians.


Hi there. I make things like videos, photos, and code. During the day I program, build, and maintain robots for stop motion animation at LAIKA. As a creative person with a degree in Computer Science, I’m a swiss-army knife for problem solving. I love learning new things every day, no matter if it’s at the controls of a Bridgeport, behind a keyboard, or with a soldering […]