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The LAIKA Crew

Here’s the latest crew photo / goofy selfie combo from our behind the scenes photographer¬†at LAIKA. There’s a ridiculous amount of talent, grit, and humor in this bunch¬†and I’m proud to work with all of them. took #LAIKA’s Official ‘FILM 5’ Crew photo today ūüďł Here behind me are the awesome artists that will bring […]


Hi there. I make things like¬†videos, photos, and¬†code. During the day I program, build, and maintain¬†robots for stop motion animation¬†at¬†LAIKA. As a creative person¬†with a¬†degree in Computer Science,¬†I’m a swiss-army knife for¬†problem solving. I¬†love learning¬†new things every day, no matter if it’s at the controls of a Bridgeport, behind a keyboard, or with a soldering […]