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Generative Design

This was one of my favorite generative designs I made at my last job  – it was intended for the background of a talk show set. Using software to create the design gave me the power to quickly iterate through variations, then export an SVG that could be manually tweaked to my producers’ liking.

Fargo Flag design

This is my design for The Arts Partnership’s Fargo Flag contest. The top 15 designs will be which will be presented to the City Commission for possible adoption as our official city flag. Voting is open until Sept 23rd at 5pm. Having a city flag is important for several reasons, but most importantly a well-designed flag […]

Fresh cards

To get ready for Wolftree magazine’s launch party, I designed and printed a fresh batch of business cards. While it can get a little tedious and time consuming to make your own cards, it’s always rewarding and refreshing to spend some time working somewhere other than at my computer (printing, cutting).