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FFF 2016

My favorite local event starts this week and I’m excited to be involved. This year I have 2 films screening and will be a guest on a panel discussion. Here’s a rundown: Monday March 14th I’ll be on Prairie Public’s radio show Main Street talking about my film Bill Brunton: Guitar Maker. Duluth filmmaker Mike Scholtz will also be […]

SmartCamera paper published

The paper I co-authored at NDSU just got published by Multimedia Tools and Applications! This was a really satisfying project to work on because it combined my professional video knowledge with programming and my Computer Science degree. I worked with Dr. Jun Kong and Amin Roudaki to create this system to automatically direct video of […]

Certified Pro

  This week I earned my Apple Certified Pro status on Final Cut Pro X! About 6 months ago, we switched to using FCPX 10.1 at Prairie Public. I was impressed by the unified Library model, the efficiency of the magnetic timeline, and how much faster I could edit once the new shortcuts came naturally. I was enjoying FCPX […]

FCPX – Show Unused Clips

UPDATE: This feature is now officially included in the 10.1.2 release. Access it via the ratings filter drop-down menu in the Browser, or use it in your Smart Collections. Mark Spencer and Steve Martin have a great summary of the other latest updates. I love Apple FCPX. I also love shortcuts. Last week I got a brief […]

Spring is here

Spirits of the Red City

I listen to a lot of music. But I’ve never heard a group so raw, powerful, and full of emotion as Spirits of the Red City. A few years ago, Graham and I were honored to film their show on the Missouri River in Bismarck. After the local show promotor fell through, Graham and his […]

Reinventing Radio

Bree and I just bought our tickets to see Ira Glass in Moorhead! We’re very, very excited to see this show. I had this moment after we saw the poster where I just realized that was going to be within walking distance of our place. There’s no way we’d miss that. I remember the first […]


My wife Bree and I are going to be featured in the next issue of Wolftree magazine! While we were talking to Noah and Brooke, two of the staff members, we decided to do a teaser video for Issue 2, and editorial illustrations by Bree. Above is the video I made where we worked with […]

Early summer update

Summer is in sort-of full swing. The air is warm and full of pollen for my allergies, but being able to ride my bike every day keeps me feeling alive and full of energy. Speaking of bikes, I’m working on a short film featuring motion graphics, and a friend of mine, Brian (EDIT: It’s done! […]


It’s been a while! I’m sorry for not updating you, dear blog. Thankfully, the reason I haven’t been around is because I’ve been busy filming, editing, and coding. I’ll start this defrosting process by sharing the Bowls Around Town Project video, which was a collaborative effort between myself and Michael J Strand, a local artist […]