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I finally shot some 120 film with a Mamiya 645, and I fell in love with it. See more of my latest photo work at


A new study in after-hours and accidentally beautiful industrial lighting.

PRODUCTION TIPS: organizing your memory cards

I just made a short tip for video production about memory cards. Sometimes little systems can save you a lot of stress/time/accidents. Data wrangling isn’t the sexiest part of video. But keeping tabs on your memory cards while doing video, photo, or audio production is super important. I use a system of two color-coded card holders […]

Being involved

As a documentarian, sometimes you have to make a decision to stay behind the camera or to get involved in a situation outside of documentation. The ethical issue is how to balance your involvement in a situation as a videographer, which includes the responsibilities of honest journalism and creating engaging material, balanced against your subjects’ emotions, injuries, […]


More adventures means more photos, especially for my Abandoned collection. Check out new photos on Flickr.

Moorhead Power Plant photoset

I recently published a new set of photos from the gorgeous, decaying, and soon-to-be-demolished Moorhead Power Plant. Check them out here, or on Flickr here.

Midwest winter

Window Frost

One of my favorite, often overlooked little things about these harsh Midwest winters is the frost. In the mornings, you’ll often be greeted with these beautiful patterns on your car’s windshield. Here are a few from yesterday.

Castle on the Prairie

Did you know there’s a castle in North Dakota?


Bessie is a rare breed. She’s number 4,170 of only 5,000 1931 Ford Model A 400’s ever produced. Last weekend I got to take a few rides and photos. More on that soon. EDIT: More photos of Bessie.