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Generative Design

This was one of my favorite generative designs I made at my last job  – it was intended for the background of a talk show set. Using software to create the design gave me the power to quickly iterate through variations, then export an SVG that could be manually tweaked to my producers’ liking.

Code quilt

I sewed my first quilt recently, based on a design I made using custom software. After experimenting with several rules to limit color and form, I ran the software and saved several of my favorite designs. Then I picked out actual fabric to approximate the colors generated, and began sewing an actual quilt over the course of a few weeks. […]

SmartCamera paper published

The paper I co-authored at NDSU just got published by Multimedia Tools and Applications! This was a really satisfying project to work on because it combined my professional video knowledge with programming and my Computer Science degree. I worked with Dr. Jun Kong and Amin Roudaki to create this system to automatically direct video of […]

Pong: a flexible ping utility

I just finished my final software project at NDSU for my B.S. in Computer Science. I worked with a small team to create a flexible ping utility which we named Pong (Github link). We got our requirements from Ericsson and worked with one of their employees in Sweden for the course of the semester. Some features of […]

Math + Computer Science + Notes

As a sort of tribute to my last 2 weeks of my computer science education, I’ve started a mini blog where I’m posting my notes from classes. Check it out here.