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Marking Soundbites

Last year, I came up a trick to mark soundbites as you record video interviews. Basically, you record a dummy tone into an unused audio channel anytime you hear a good clip to generate a form of metadata you can reference later in your edit suite. This tone can be made with a number of […]


I made a series of web tutorials on video production. The idea is to catalogue small but helpful things I’ve learned that make life easier on set or in the field. It’s often the little things (labeling, organization) that save you lots time and frustration.

Riverview Family Dental

I did a 4-part commercial video series for Riverview Family Dental. When the videos go live on Riverview’s new website, I’ll embed them here  Videos available here.

Prairie Musicians 2016 teaser

I produced, animated, and shot this teaser for the 2016 season of Prairie Musicians.

FFF 2016

My favorite local event starts this week and I’m excited to be involved. This year I have 2 films screening and will be a guest on a panel discussion. Here’s a rundown: Monday March 14th I’ll be on Prairie Public’s radio show Main Street talking about my film Bill Brunton: Guitar Maker. Duluth filmmaker Mike Scholtz will also be […]


One of my favorite things about living with Bree is seeing her illustrations come to life. Inspiration comes to her from many sources: fashion photography, floral arrangements, and color pallates in nature and I’m constantly in awe of her ability to combine all those inspirations into one beautiful illustration. My vision for this video was for […]

Official Selection – 2016 Fargo Film Festival

I’m pleased to announce that my feature documentary Bill Brunton: Guitar Maker is an Official Selection for the 2016 Fargo Film Fest (March 15-19).

Bill Brunton: Guitar Maker – Full Documentary

A pile of wood learns to sing. This is a feature documentary I shot, produced, and edited independently about anthropologist-turned-luthier Bill Brunton. Enjoy the whole thing for free right here.

Denmark and Inside Energy

This summer I flew to Denmark as a videographer for Inside Energy and the PBS Newshour. For a week, radio reporter Stephanie Joyce and I worked on this story. She gathered material for 3 radio stories and I gathered all the footage material for the TV piece. Rebecca Johnson, the video producer at Inside Energy, edited this version for PBS NewsHour. Everything was […]

SmartCamera paper published

The paper I co-authored at NDSU just got published by Multimedia Tools and Applications! This was a really satisfying project to work on because it combined my professional video knowledge with programming and my Computer Science degree. I worked with Dr. Jun Kong and Amin Roudaki to create this system to automatically direct video of […]