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Prairie Musicians behind the scenes

Every year at Prairie Public, we produce a local music show. This year I pitched the idea of trying to get more social media presence by doing short behind the scenes videos of every band. These were super fun to shoot and edit because there’s lots of fun stuff to see like camera gear, lights, the […]

Bill Brunton: Guitar Maker

“There’s no reason why anyone should be bored in this life. But you have to tune in to yourself, and you have to find those points in you that resonate, and then go for that.” Bill Brunton is a retired anthropologist, and a seasoned craftsman of classical guitars. Building a guitar is all about attention to detail. He […]


Each Labor Day weekend in Rollag, giant iron machines come to life. Old-timers and new-comers relive the our past in agriculture, construction, and daily life. It’s like a living museum of Midwestern Americana. You might see a 1hp gas engine puffing about, a man riding a mini bulldozer, or a rare Minneapolis thresher steaming across […]

Prairie Musicians set painting

Each year at Prairie Public, we make a new set for our local music show Prairie Musicians. This year I wanted to create a series of behind the scenes videos to promote the show. Here’s the first, which is about the walls of the set. Local artists Paul & Micah came in to paint a vibrant […]

PRODUCTION TIPS: organizing your memory cards

I just made a short tip for video production about memory cards. Sometimes little systems can save you a lot of stress/time/accidents. Data wrangling isn’t the sexiest part of video. But keeping tabs on your memory cards while doing video, photo, or audio production is super important. I use a system of two color-coded card holders […]

Being involved

As a documentarian, sometimes you have to make a decision to stay behind the camera or to get involved in a situation outside of documentation. The ethical issue is how to balance your involvement in a situation as a videographer, which includes the responsibilities of honest journalism and creating engaging material, balanced against your subjects’ emotions, injuries, […]

Zach Zamboni on Cinematography

Zach Zamboni is a killer cinematographer – you’re probably already familiar with his work on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, No Reservations, and The Layover. Above is a super interesting talk he did last year which covers cinematic risk, chaos, shooting on 2 primes, Système D (my new favorite term), travel stories, S-log 2, and some of his theory behind documentary […]


It’s really hard to describe how -30F feels. Just think – it’s 60 degrees colder than your freezer. Lately we’ve gotten the winter weather us Midwesterners dread yet take an odd sense of pride in. Like a winter wonderland, without the wonder. Some friends and I all went to explore an abandoned church recently, it got cut short […]

Europe and video travels

Traveling and shooting video is one of my favorite things ever. I recently returned from 10 days in Europe filming for Prairie Public. While we were putting in some windshield time across Germany, I decided to catalog some of my notes and tips for traveling abroad for video work. Redundancy. Strike a balance between bringing redundant systems and being […]

Daisy Chain

This was a fun video I made out of footage from a weekend in the woods with my lovely lady. Custom music courtesy of musical wizard and frequent collaborator Bennett Pearson. I shot this soon after I bought my GH4, so I was a bit obsessed with the 96fps footage. So you might notice more than a […]