SwatchIt is a program I created which takes an image as input, then grabs a certain number of color samples from the image. You end up with this preview image (left) and a PDF of vectorized color swatches sorted by brightness to easily aid in illustration, or graphic design that will match an image.

My inspiration for creating this program was from the Casa de Musica branding Stefan Seigmeister describes in this TED talk.

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Pong is a C++ network testing application I made for Ericsson in Sweden for my Computer Science capstone project. While making *yet another* implentation of the ubiquitous Ping networking utility may sound uninspiring, our client had legitimate frustrations with having to script around the limited features and with not having a modern, well-documented application to build upon for custom use-cases. My team of 3 wrote this application with our project manager in Sweden, and we delivered the code as an open-source project.

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