Desk Lamp

I’m a bit obsessed with the lighting on my desk, which I suppose comes from being a videographer (and from spending lots of time working at my desk). Having the right amount, color temperature, and direction can really make a desk space feel extra-ordinary and wonderful to work at.

Desk lamp detail and environment shotI found a Target-orphaned bright LED lamp at a thrift store which had a great light and lens, but an awful base with cheesy plastic swivel trays. So I took it apart, and had just the bare light hanging over my desk for quite a while. Eventually I decided it needed a classy case. So I took a hollow aluminum rod, sanded it for a “brushed” finish, cut and bent the end of the tube so it would slot into the wall, drilled a hole through it for the wires, and connected the head of the lamp to the tube with tied and soldered wire. The electrical wiring could be much neater, but I think it looks pretty great!

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