DIY GoPro Clamp

To use a GoPro well, it’s important to be able to attach it in all sorts of ways. Having a few good clamps is key to getting those unique shots that make GoPros shine. I wanted a general use clamp that was tough as nails. So I bought a $3 spring clamp, a 1/4″ bolt, and a GoPro tripod mount and put one together.

GoPro Clamp

With and without the 3-axis attachment. Note: I had a longer 1/4″ bolt laying around, so I used a locking nut to secure the tripod mount to the clamp.

There are many tutorials for making this style of clamp, but it’s simple. All you need to do is drill a hole in the clamp, put a bolt through it, and secure the tripod mount to the clamp. Done (well, there are always improvements to be made). I chose a metal clamp over a plastic one for durability, after breaking a plastic one after only a week of use. So far, this one works very well. Total cost: ~$11 and 10 minutes of assembly time.

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