Honda CRX custom radiator support

I bought a Honda CRX last year as my daily and track day / autocross toy. My first car was a CRX and a big chunk of my website when I was a teenager was devoted to my Honda projects and general nerdery. I’m working on a larger page about this resurgence of a car obsession in my life, but for now, here’s a bit of fab work that I did for it.

This year I upgraded my radiator to keep the engine cool at the track. While this all-aluminum Mishimoto radiator is awesome and almost overkill for my little motor, it didn’t have ideal fitment and almost prevented the hood from closing. So I designed and made these radiator supports to allow the radiator to tilt back slightly, and replace yet another 30 year old rubber bushing on my Honda. I used calipers and a couple iterations of cardboard mockups to get the hole pattern and bends figured out, then used some scrap anodized aluminum to actually make the parts. Then I added some speed holes, because race car.

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