Nikon L35AF lens cover

This is a replacement lens/rangefinder/viewfinder cap I designed and 3D printed for the Nikon L35AF film camera.

Last Christmas I was rummaging through a cupboard and found our family’s trusty old L35AF – a rugged, 35mm rangefinder with a sharp 2.8 lens. I loaded it up with Portra 400 and went out to shoot a few rolls, but became irritated with the worn-out lens cover falling off. The rubber lens cap either wasn’t designed well to begin with, or simply wore out after years of use and abuse. Buying a cheap lens cap wasn’t a good option because it would leave the rangefinder and viewfinder uncovered.

So, I whipped up a model in Fusion 360 and printed it out of PLA. Like the original part, it covers both the lens and the rangefinder/viewfinder glass on the front. The lens cover friction-fits onto the outer part of the lens, and the rangefinder/viewfinder cover clicks into place. I was pleased to nail the lens fit on the first try.

Download the files on Thingiverse.

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