ToxRod Photographs

My brother Mike just finished his latest hot rod project (the ToxRod), so I spent a Saturday cruising around and photographing it with him. I worked with a Fuji x100s and natural light.

Nikon L35AF lens cover

This is a replacement lens/rangefinder/viewfinder cap I designed and 3D printed for the Nikon L35AF film camera.

Last Christmas I was rummaging through a cupboard and found our family’s trusty old L35AF – a rugged, 35mm rangefinder with a sharp 2.8 lens. I loaded it up with Portra 400 and went out to shoot a few rolls, but became irritated with the worn-out lens cover falling off. The rubber lens cap either wasn’t designed well to begin with, or simply wore out after years of use and abuse. Buying a cheap lens cap wasn’t a good option because it would leave the rangefinder and viewfinder uncovered.

So, I whipped up a model in Fusion 360 and printed it out of PLA. Like the original part, it covers both the lens and the rangefinder/viewfinder glass on the front. The lens cover friction-fits onto the outer part of the lens, and the rangefinder/viewfinder cover clicks into place. I was pleased to nail the lens fit on the first try.

Download the files on Thingiverse.

Quilt Generator with Unity

Here’s a quick demo of my new generative design app for quilts.

The app shows you the device camera view with a “flying geese” quilt pattern overlaid (made with a procedural mesh). When you activate a triangle from the pattern, you can recolor the block by clicking on an area of the camera image. You can toggle between quilt and block views to refine your work.

Follow my progress on Github. My ambition is to use ARKit so the quilt be “drawn” onto real surfaces.

The LAIKA Crew

Here’s the latest crew photo / goofy selfie combo from our behind the scenes photographer at LAIKA. There’s a ridiculous amount of talent, grit, and humor in this bunch and I’m proud to work with all of them.

Working with these artists and engineers, I’ve grown more as a maker in the last year than any other time in my life – from my craft in machining and mechanical design, to software, electronics, and camera work. And while I can’t say much about the work I’ve done there in a specific way, I’d like to share an aphorism my friend G taught me: Less Haste, More Speed.

When mistakes are made in motion control, they can be serious. Badly programmed robots will carelessly, emotionlessly drive their metal arms through sets and artwork that took months to create. Or worse, they can do serious harm to people. Or waste animators time and concentration. So the minutes you spend double checking your work, setting true home marks, labeling your cables, and saving your setup files won’t be remembered, but the mistakes you make will be because they cost everyone time.

Less haste, more speed.

Pan/tilt head controller with Unity

Recently I found a Telemetrics PT-LP at surplus for cheap. Originally designed to move TV studio cameras with teleprompters, it’s powered by some hefty servos and has heavy baffling foam to maintain quiet operation. After making a power cable for it and writing a basic controller for it in Unity, I can drive now drive it around on my laptop.

Get my code on Github.

UPDATE: screenshot of the latest interface


I finally shot some 120 film with a Mamiya 645, and I fell in love with it. See more of my latest photo work at


Fluorescent 9

A new study in after-hours and accidentally beautiful industrial lighting with mixed color temperatures.

Generative Design

025-01This was one of my favorite generative designs I made at my last job  – it was intended for the background of a talk show set. Using software to create the design gave me the power to quickly iterate through variations, then export an SVG that could be manually tweaked to my producers’ liking.


I made a series of web tutorials on video production. The idea is to catalogue small but helpful things I’ve learned that make life easier on set or in the field. It’s often the little things (labeling, organization) that save you lots time and frustration.

Riverview Family Dental


I did a 4-part commercial video series for Riverview Family Dental. When the videos go live on Riverview’s new website, I’ll embed them here  Videos available here.