PRODUCTION TIPS: organizing your memory cards

I just made a short tip for video production about memory cards. Sometimes little systems can save you a lot of stress/time/accidents.

Data wrangling isn’t the sexiest part of video.┬áBut keeping tabs on your memory cards while doing video, photo, or audio production is super important. I use a system of two color-coded card holders in a protective case so managing cards is simple.

When I’m going on a shoot, I gather all my cards and format them for my camera (of course making sure the footage on them was ingested and backed up). Those cards go into the black case.

Then when I’ve filled a card, I move it from my camera into the yellow case. I stick with this system so I always know which cards are which. Yellow means “caution! these have yer hard won footage on them.”

Ready to level up? Ingest your footage onto a harddrive in the field. Then keep that harddrive physically separate from your cards so even if your cards get lost, corrupted, etc, your footage will still be safe. Yaaaaay data redundancy.

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