SmartCamera paper published

SmartCamera systemThe paper I co-authored at NDSU just got published by Multimedia Tools and Applications! This was a really satisfying project to work on because it combined my professional video knowledge with programming and my Computer Science degree.

I worked with Dr. Jun Kong and Amin Roudaki to create this system to automatically direct video of a conference room meeting situation. The system uses 2 cameras: a static wide shot and a moveable PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera to automatically move the camera to film the current speaker, switch to the wide shot while that camera is moving, cut to the wide shot if many voices are speaking, etc. A Kinect is used for the wide shot because it also is used to detect who is speaking.

My role was to advise the project as a professional videographer who has experience directing multi-camera events, developing heuristic rules for the system which help it behave like a human director (telling it how long to stay on a particular shot, for example), building the motorized¬†linear camera slide,¬†and programming the Arduino, which received serial input from Amin’s software.

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