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Desk Lamp

I’m a bit obsessed with the lighting on my desk, which I suppose comes from being a videographer (and from spending lots of time working at my desk). Having the right amount, color temperature, and direction can really make a desk space feel extra-ordinary and wonderful to work at. I found a Target-orphaned bright LED […]

DIY GoPro Clamp

To use a GoPro well, it’s important to be able to attach it in all sorts of ways. Having a few good clamps is key to getting those unique shots that make GoPros shine. I wanted a general use clamp that was tough as nails. So I bought a $3 spring clamp, a 1/4″ bolt, […]


I recently purchased a DR-40 field sound recorder, and made a custom windscreen for it after seeing how much the name brand version cost, and that it prevents you from hooking up headphones. The DR-40 is Tascam’s response to the popular Zoom H4N that all the DSLR shooters love. Until a recent firmware update, the […]