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Denmark and Inside Energy

This summer I flew to Denmark as a videographer for Inside Energy and the PBS Newshour. For a week, radio reporter Stephanie Joyce and I worked on this story. She gathered material for 3 radio stories and I gathered all the footage material for the TV piece. Rebecca Johnson, the video producer at Inside Energy, edited this version for PBS NewsHour. Everything was […]

Being involved

As a documentarian, sometimes you have to make a decision to stay behind the camera or to get involved in a situation outside of documentation. The ethical issue is how to balance your involvement in a situation as a videographer, which includes the responsibilities of honest journalism and creating engaging material, balanced against your subjects’ emotions, injuries, […]

Senna didn’t need a GoPro

F1 driving is insane. Aryton Senna (the driver/narrator of the video below) was one of the best F1 drivers ever, in addition to being totally humble and real. While watching a 2010 documentary about Senna, I was intrigued by the on-board footage of his races in the late 80’s and early 90’s and how it was more […]